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Atithisheba runs its operation in Bangladesh from 2020 to be the best digital communication service provider. We are providing real-time modern solutions for the communications of any type of business and office. Our team uses cutting-edge technology without compromising the excellence of the work.

In 2020 we noticed that many entrepreneurs, business owners, and online service providers are facing problems with communication through email, messages, live chat, and phone calls. We took this challenge and jumped into action. Our two founders registered who live in the USA, Canada, and Bangladesh. The company, Atithisheba is developed by Zovo Team Ltd. and our branding and communication are maintained by AIOPS BD. Next year, we have grown quickly. Now we have many skilled professional team members and industry experts at Atithisheba.

We are comprehensively helping our valued customers in Bangladesh with a spirit and cost-effective way and more accelerated turnaround time through the website: Being client-oriented and providing the best quality digital communication service, we want to create a long-term relationship with our valued customers. We are always ready to answer your questions through social media, email, messages, or phone calls.

Within a few years, already achieved the trust of various clients from different districts of Bangladesh. As we are providing the best quality digital communication service in terms of time and cost, Atithisheba has been selected as one of the top digital communication services providers in Bangladesh. We have already obtained so many certificates and testimonials from different organizations for providing the best quality services. 


At Atithisheba, our ideologies are very different from what is out there. We believe that there is a better way to do marketing through social media and email. We believe that the best things in business are customer satisfaction.

We’re obsessively passionate about smart communication, and that is why we give email response and management services, messaging services, live chat services, and phone call services.

Our mission is to provide excellent and smart communication services for various businesses and offices.

Once you get your customer satisfaction, the business growth will flow and ultimately your sales. We focus on effective communication through modern technology. We’re excited to simplify digital and smart communication for everyone through our tools, education, and community. The slogan of Atithisheba is “Your business, our solution.”